Providing Trial Attorneys with Pretrial Expertise by Physicians to Add Case Value, Save Time and Reduce Expenses

Breadth of Expertise and Case Category

Medical Summary Report

  • In personal injury (PI), workers' compensation (WC) medical malpractice (Med Mal) and social security (SS) disability cases the core document is the Medical Summary Report (MSR).  The MSR is based on a meticulous review of the case, an interview with the client and a review of the medical literature.  Ongoing medical problems, causation and mechanism of injury, functional loss as well as anticipated future medical expenses are enumerated. 

Independent Medical Exam Rebuttals

  • Independent medical exam (IME) rebuttals are frequently useful in PI, WC and SS cases.  This report resembles the MSR and is generated by personally observing the IME, reviewing the IME report, interviewing the client, reviewing the medical record and reviewing the pertinent medical literature.

Standard of Care Review

  • Standard of Care Reviews are occasionally needed by the attorney to decide if their client has a case or not and also may be useful for the client's physician as a learning tool to help avoid Med Mal action in the future.

Other Services

  • Functioning as liaison between attorney and the client's physician.

  • Doing research in anticipation of a deposition.

  • Assisting with question preparation for trial and/or deposition.

  • Procuring expert witnesses for trial/deposition.

  • Developing medical theories to explain mechanisms and causal roles linking the traumatic event and the client injury.